ABeadC Designs


tel: 416-256-7527

Bracelets: Beaded Bracelet
Handcrafted Jewellery: Glass
Necklaces and Chains: Pendants
Business Description
Here at ABeadC Designs Wanda Haber-Kucharsky creates fine jewelry with Powder-glass beads and various metals that are hand-made by village artisans from Ghana using a centuries old method. Each bead and ornament is unique. She can also create customized jewelry for your outfits or redesign old beads for a new look. Designer and Owner, Wanda Haber-Kucharsky has thousands of ideas just waiting to be created! Order now and discover the beauty of the jewelry at ABeadC Designs! We have a catalogue that represents some of her ready made items. Take a look and see the wonder and beauty of this jewelry.